Same Stream [EP]

by Wild Fur

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released November 9, 2018

All songs written, produced and recorded by Wild Fur
Additional vocals by Anne-Claire Niver, recorded by Jeff Crawford at Arbor Ridge Studios, Chapel Hill, NC
Mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Recording

Cover photo by Shay Stifelman
Special thanks to Alex Joustra and Zoe Power


all rights reserved



Wild Fur Durham, North Carolina

"Feel Free might actually be one of my greatest musical discoveries of 2016." - Paste

"Forget everything you know about music, forget reputations, forget egos and focus on the superb artistry that is presented to us through Wild Fur’s latest project entitled, “Feel Free;” a uniquely produced soundtrack of musical interludes." - No Depression
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Track Name: Don't Let it Slip Away
My foot came down and snapped a branch
As I led myself further down this beaten path
I've come a thousand miles so far
And man there's still so far to go

Don't let it slip away
Quicker than it came it can go

I found myself staring up in the trees
Picturing what life might look like in a new scene
I just about let that thought get away from
Remember there's so far to go

I saw these two cairns balanced perfectly
Reminded me of when you said to me
Patience is the only thing you need
To get you where you want to go
Track Name: Disappear
Wild horses running across white sands
Yeah, they'll disappear
Unobstructed view over canyon lands
Will one day disappear

They tell us there's nothing going on
Cut the cord, open up your eyes
We're all watching the same stream
As everything disappears

Face time with your lover without them watching in
That already disappeared
Believe the banks are too big to ever fail again
A bubble pops and disappears

They tell us there's nothing going on
Cut the cord, open up your eyes
We're all watching the same stream

Stunted country ruled by fearful white men
Will one day disappear
Give rise to a generation of hope and sense
We're already here

They tell us there's nothing going on
Cut the cord, open up your eyes
We're all watching the same stream
Watching everything disappear

Watch it all just disappear
Track Name: Million Dollar Hashtag
I made a million on a hashtag
Hashtag every day get paid
Sold it printed on a t-shirt
And the money gets me laid

Popping bottles of champagne, Cristal
As you would most naturally
Watch the people out there grinding
The glitter gleams, that's my scene

Step out the club, jump into the 'Rari
Floor the ride, slide my hand up her thigh
From the console I hear the ringing
Look at my phone, drift over the line

As I'm floating out of my body
See it lying there on the ground
Blood soaking through a t-shirt
How profound, how profound

When the money comes at you easy
The earth moves from under your feet
Leaves you standing on a cloud of ego
Missing the forest for the tweets
Track Name: Say it, Do it
You have that one uncle who lays on the cologne
And skipped the day that they passed out the class
He's always talking down to his mom on the phone
And reaching for the chicken, he grazes your ass

Say it, do it
Drag him through it
He needs to know that its dark in his brain

There's that guy that you took home the night before
But you've seen his face somewhere else in your mind
Thankfully a friend forwarded the evidence
A mugshot that read assault on his ex wife

Say it, do it
Don't let him start to it
He needs to know that its dark in his veins

What about the one with gold chain and the fake tan
Who's always revving up what he calls his ride
Leaning out the window, staring at your bits
He has the nerve to tell you that he lasts all night

Say it, do it
Tell him to prove it
To his mom, you heard she likes them small

Stretching out before getting in some cardio
He walks in the gym and you avert your eyes
An hour later, yet to lift a finger
He says he has to say your body's looking tight

Say it, do it
Say it, do it
Say it, do it
We all need to tell
These dudes to find the fires of hell

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