Singles EP

by Wild Fur

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These songs were created and released by Wild Fur from October 2013 through March 2014


released June 10, 2014

Released by PotLuck Foundation (



all rights reserved


Wild Fur Durham, North Carolina

"Feel Free might actually be one of my greatest musical discoveries of 2016." - Paste

"Forget everything you know about music, forget reputations, forget egos and focus on the superb artistry that is presented to us through Wild Fur’s latest project entitled, “Feel Free;” a uniquely produced soundtrack of musical interludes." - No Depression
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Track Name: Keep the Band I
Pretty little rosebud trembling in the palm of my hand
Left alone in tatters trying to make a stand
You took everything when you left me threw it over your head as you ran
So you can keep your sorries and I'll keep my band

I am a catalyst I've watched cities fall at my hands
You might not believe it but then you don't really know who I am
And while it pains me so it seems you came to be the same
You change everything make me want to change my name

Memories slowly fading and you're five states away
As everything you left here crumbles into dust and decay
Sitting in the dim light to entertain your ghost in the room
I pick up the stylus and drop the needle into the groove
Track Name: St. Gloria
You put on your red dress and step out into the cold
As if to say I'll show you when it hurts
After all your nights downtown with the boys who stay up late
The evening air still seems to call your name

Oh Gloria
Your time isn't wasted away
I know you think that your desires burned up in the fire
But the people here still treat you like a saint

So when all your love is gone they'll be no one left to say you're wrong
Or hear you tell of the accolades you've earned
And even if someone stayed they'd have to live the life you made
And sleep in the ashes from the bridges that you've burned

Oh Gloria
I know it's not so easy to let go
But if you'd shown me all your scars I would've tried to do my part
And lately girl your wounds begin to show
Gloria I've got scars of my own
Track Name: Big, Long Line
You'd be surprised I think to see me these days
And how all the days amount to some change
When last we spoke I realized you didn't know a thing
About me and to you I probably knew the same

You wrote some crooked kind of poetry on the wall for me to see
A message from the world inside your brain
And in the end it occurred to me it might all have been a game
But this time it was not my game to play

Cause I've been trying
Not to let these days pass me by
Cause all of the days in a big long line
Amount to a life

Painted on the side of your moving van the fields were wide and the canyon was grand
And I could see you were bound across the plains
You haul, oh you haul over that golden terrain
Left a canyon here that echoes with your name
Track Name: Starting to Take
Floating out into space 

As the cityscape vanishes below me 

Nose points to the sky

And the flight starts its path toward the great north lakes

It was the only thing I could think of 

At this point in the year

It was the only solution 

My conscience was willing to hear 

In Carolina its been getting stranger 

As I find myself stuck in place 

Where people get older and just 

Keep on drinking like its nothing 

I'm so tired of acting like its all normal 

I'm tired of people pretending they're immortal

I'm tired of putting on a smile

And lying to everybody's face

If loose lips could sink this 

What a beautiful ship it would be 

But if we believe the words of our friends

Then we truly are out to sea 

I'm done acting like that's all normal

You'll find me floating out on the lake 

Sunshine is beating down and warming the soil

Looks like the garden is starting to take

I'll just pack up and leave 

You won't hear another word from me 

I'll just pack up and leave 

I'll be just like a ghost you'll see